A revitalising historic building in Tsuen Wan. It’s not in a completed stage yet, but yeh, it will be completed in the coming December. What a great modern design to let sunlight come into the interiors. And they gave a second life to this nice building. #secondlife #themills #industrialbuilding #tsuenwan #sonyrx100v #sony #rx100v #hkig #photographer #photographylover

Booming sunsets in Croatia 🇭🇷

This is my Uncle Win. He likes to call me Kur Kur. He’s very tall. I hope I can be as tall as him when I grow up. He’s very nice to me and loves spoiling me and my cousins but don’t be fooled by that smile cos he can be very fierce.

This is my Opa aka my grandad. I usually see him during the weekends. He never fails to feed me with a lot of food and I like it.

사람들이 많지 않아 더 좋았던 숙소

I love fruits. So when we walked past this fruit shop, I had to stop and take some pictures.

Almost every weekend, we’ll have breakfast at Geylang cos my ummi is a keria freak. Give her keria and no one gets hurt. I, on the other hand, loves banana fritters. We’re very much a family of foodies.

And that’s the birthday boy, Nayel Hayyan. Thanks for the invite Nayel. I had fun during your party! Your cake was so delicious! We didn’t have much time to play together that day. Looking forward to play dates with you.. that is if our mums won’t leave us behind and have their tea time together instead. 😑 Sorry Aunty @nurhudas for the blur pic. I tried to take a good picture but I was too busy looking at those yummy desserts.

Here are some pictures of the party. I wasn’t taking a lot of pictures that day cos I was busy sweating myself out, running around the place. The food was good!

A picture of my ummi, #amalhananmf, baby Soraya & Aunty @paperkandy. It was the girls first birthday invite and they did well! It’s important to dress according to the dress code k! ⚽️

08/10/18 I’m editing a vlog ?????? I’m a YouTuber now just in case you were unaware😂 keep an eye out for a link in my bio !! #Edited #DavidDobrikWho #Youtube #vlog #youtuber #Friyay #vlogger #video #sony #sonyrx100v