Tried the @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi and paired it with a tofu and tempeh bolognese with spinach, carrots, mushrooms and broccoli🍝 I was a little bit hesitant at first because cauliflower doesn’t exactly scream pasta but it was so soft and chewy that I might even like it better then the real stuff 🤔

Mouth watering VEGAN “Hello Rosti Bagel”! 🤤 Wholegrain bagel, HM cashew sour cream, rocket, HM sweet potato green pea rosti, asparagus, wasabi mustard!! #delicious #gatheredkitchen @gatheredkitchen #vegansofig

Dragon fruit bowl with a side of papaya juice!🌈

All in the details ✨

No more Mr. Rice Guy 🍚🙎🏻‍♂️ Dinner is 100% oil-free with brown rice, soyaki tofu, edamame, and steamed veggies (I like to get them EXTRA soft personally lmao so sorry if you don’t like that) 🍲🥦🥕🍚

Rainbow 🌈 salads & açaí bowls on repeat all.summer.long. ☀️🌿(Swipe) #summervibes

Hey 👋🏻👋🏻. Take a look at my simplified version of avocado toast, just a big ass avocado and no seasoning 😂😂. Don’t ask me why the top one got bruised it’s not my fault, she decided to grow into that shape I just undressed her and it’s already like that 😭😭. Heading back to town feeling excited. I said I’ve got the offer but actually haven’t signed it yet. So my agent is arranging an appointment tmr (yea Sunday!!) for this procedure cause they need me on Monday 😭😭, nerves setting in 😭😭. Just packed loads of fruits in my luggage and I think avocados that’s gonna get me through next two weeks 😬😬. Moms there busy making me wontons I’m so looking forward to my lunch. How’s ur weekend any plans yet?? #wholefoods #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #whatveganseat #bestofvegan #hkvegan #avocado #avocadolove #avocadolover #avocadotoast #toast #simplefood #eatmoreplants #eatyourgreens #eattherainbow #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganfoodshare #veganbreakfast #healthybreakfast #vegansofinstagram #vegancommunity

Roasted roots! Because today I need to re-ground myself🌀 Do you ever feel like you are craving a food that could balance you out from within? Ayurveda suggests that we can alleviate symptoms of imbalance and dis-ease through diet and lifestyle changes but for me the first step is getting really quiet, dropping in and working towards being more aware of where we are, being very authentic during that process of discovery🦋 Have you ever tried to figure out what food would balance you out? Even if it’s French fries (guilty🙋🏼‍♀️)? . . . . . . #veganaf #govegan #healthychoices #ethicalvegan #feedfeedvegan #letscookvegan #ayurveda #yogadaily #vegangirl #eattherainbow #plantstrong #whatvegansdo #plantbased #crueltyfree #healthsupportive #bestofvegan #organic #eatsmart #forkyeah #vegansdoitbetter #meatismurder #eatrealfood #ayurvediclifestyle #balancedbody #rootvegetables #groundyourself

I know I post about all the good vegan options at restaurants but gosh am I burnt out from eating out. Don’t get me wrong it’s so fun once in a while but I feel like I am cheating my body of a good home cooked meal. Problem is I am never home 😂 does anyone have some good recommendations for whole food plant based meals on the go? Leave your tips in the comments! #veganmealprep #wholefoodnutrition #veganrestaurant

If your into living a healthy lifestyle give this website a look. Everything is vegan and cruelty free.

lol I used to believe this back in my non-vegan days... How would you respond to this? 😂 Drop a comment ! 👇🏻

📷 Credit: @theguacwardvegan How gorgeous is this dinner plate😍Featuring forbidden rice, edamame, tamari baked tofu with a coconut peanut sauce, avocado, sesame seeds, and red pepper flakes😊

📷 Source: @wavebeatsp I tried this Aloe Vera drink 🍵 and you should too😁. Food 🥒🥦🥝🥑is our medicine.

📷 Credit: @wavebeatsp I tried this Aloe Vera drink 🍵 and you should too😁. Food 🥒🥦🥝🥑is our medicine.