I think a lot of equestrians would be surprised at how much we don’t need a lot of the tack we use! (I’ll post the video soon 😁)

Hoy hemos trabajado un poco en pista y, al fin, he descubierto nuestro problema principal. Las dos primeras fotos son posteriores a las dos últimas y entre ellas hay solo 5 o 10 minutos de diferencia, lo único que cambió fue la forma de trabajar. Las he puesto en este orden con la intención de que quede claro que no todo es tan bonito como parece y que, aunque al final hayamos hecho algún tranco decente, ha sido después de haber estado haciéndolo "mal" durante un rato. Creo que se puede apreciar bastante bien la diferencia entre las fotos, sobretodo a nivel de posteriores y cuello 😁. Lo mejor de todo es que estamos yendo a su ritmo y, aunque veáis contacto, fue ella quien lo buscó poco a poco. No podría estar más contenta hoy. Muchas gracias @irenegefaell por toda la ayuda y consejos que nos estás dando 😚. #bitlesshorse #bitlessbridle #horsepower #barefoothorse #horsetraining

🌟SWIPE 🌟 En daar is het hoofdstel met magic braid dan op een paard. En wel op 🌟 Starbucks 🌟 maatje van mijn paard 😄. Hij geniet altijd eeeeeeenorm van aandacht dus wou best ff poseren in de harde woei 😂. Wil je ook zo'n hoofdstelletje? Lekker weinig gedoe aan het hoofd. Hij staat in de webshop en is verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren :-) Je vind hem hier ==> #bitless #bitloos #bridle #bitlessbridle #bitlesriding #ridingbitless #westernriding #westerntack #tack #horsetack #magicbraid #minimalistsch #sidepull #sidepullbridle #haflinger #starbucks #naturalhorsemanship #leather #custom #leatherwork #leathercraft #leathercrafts #leatherwork #vegtanleather #custommade #darkbrown

HOLISTIC HEALING: Yoga’s heart, by Sonia Tarrida del Mármol, issue Nº11. Yoga is a great horse and extremely patient with children, if she was a person, we’d say she has a big heart and the truth is, her heart pulsated with an irregular rhythm since she suffered endocarditis due to an equine herpes virus a few months ago.” According to the principles of bioresonance therapy, an unbalanced element, while it needs balance, it opens to resonate ahead of adequate frequencies.” Is it possible to heal using our frequencies with our hands? Is it true that we can heal with our hands? You can read the full article by entering our web page and subscribing or by buying issue Nº11. #horsemanshiptraining #bitlessbridle #equinos #ridehorse #likeforlike #magazine #health #paddockparadise #horses_of_instagram #horsemanshiptraining #followforfollow #follow4follow

~♡ The more you use the reins, the less they use their brains ♡~ Pat Parelli ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #patparelli #parelli #love #horse #horsemanship #horses #nature #bitlessbridle #passion #mare #newforestpony #newforestmare #sunny #udrugafala

🕊Have you ever thought about, how humans have the power to decide animals faith? The animals acually don’t have any choice, we do EVERY decision. If you say: no, my horse make plenty decisions. But that’s bc you allow the horse to have a word in this. Again; your choice.. if the animal is troubled and you don’t understand it, you have the power to give t away, sell it or even out it down. (This is more, mental problems) You decide it faith. This is something I have been struggling with, and sometimes more when it’s personal to me. I become a vet tech, to help make a change. It’s so hard to see people give up on their animals bc they can’t figure it out.. to see animals leave this world before it’s time, it’s heartbreaking. I have been there myself, and That’s the hardest thing I ever did and I refuse to do it again. You are the animals voice.. but you also have to listen. Everyone deserves a second chance, and a fight to make a change, before terrible decision finds place, Then it’s no way out. I know people doesn’t do things to be cruel, but bc they are tired and easily give up. (My horses are okey).💙 thank you. - And as many of you have comment about sickness and injuries. This is more about the mental,inside the brain.. I’m a vet tech so I know decides and broken bones often lead to put the animals to sleep, but this text it not about that 🌿- Photo: @amvequine Dress: @klesarven - - #buckskinhorses #animlasvoice #bethevoice #buckskin #bork #fairytales #bitless #bitlessbridle

Our wonderful intern and Magic soaking up the sunset glow 💛🌄🐎 Happy horses with happy humans is a beautiful thing! #harmonywithhorsesllc #horsebackriding #bitlessbridle #bitless #naturalhorsemanship #bendoregonlife #centraloregonlife #centraloregon #thoroughbred #thoroughbredsofInstagram

Holy concavity! I love my farrier...Believe it or not, Bindi’s front feet used to be fairly flat. Which made her pretty sensitive on any less-than-perfect footing. After switching farriers a couple years ago, Bindi has developed this great concavity to her feet! And it comes from the opposite of what you’d expect... my farrier leaves the sole alone rather than cleaning it out repetitively like you often see. The second picture is a few days prior to this trim where you can see she was shedding dead sole and frog that was ready to go on its own. This part comes off easily with a hoof pick when it’s ready and was cleaned up by my farrier to reveal the healthy, concave foot! 😍

Humans have so much power over animals and we have such a great opportunity and, I believe, responsibility, to be loving and kind. If we could all live by the words “Do no harm” life would be better for animals and for humankind as well 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻 #australianstockhorse #australianstockhorses #naturalhorsemanship #bitlessbridle #stockhorse #vegan #jodiecurran #sunshinecoastvegan #plantbasedwholefoods