IRT Pro-Staff Cody Binkley tending to Next years Trout with Charlie, yeah when we aren’t fishing it’s still all about Fish and the Future of the sport and making smiles for lucky angler next spring. #irtreels #innovativereeltechnologies #trout #troutfishing #volunteering #robesoniafishandgame #brooketrout #rainbowtrout #browntrout #goldentrout #fishhatchery #loveoffish

• • • Week 29 • • • Our Gaula week is over and we´re more than happy to have spent that week with an amazing bunch of people. We´ll post more pictures soon & be back to that special place 🤟🇳🇴📷 @derekhenthornphotography / @zefixflyfishing

Gary with another brown trout @garyewin_salmon 🎣🎣 #fishing #flyfishing #trout #browntrout #catchandrelease #nymphing #rivertees

tbt When I lived in Iran ، rainbow trout ! Iran’s climate features four seasons. Although it is generally a dry country, we have provinces with a considerable amount of rain and snow fall. The northern and western regions ares where most of the rivers flow, and in these rivers you will find trout. Brown trout is native in Iran, and it exists in the rivers that now or once were connected to the Caspian Sea. We also have a subspecies of brown trout (Salmo trutta caspius), which is a sea-run trout native only to Iran. Unfortunately, because of unregulated fishing and mismanagement, this fish is on the verge of extinction. Other freshwater sport fish include pike, catfish, carp, perch, and zander. Rainbow trout were introduced to Iranian rivers in the late ’50s to early ’60s for the purpose of sport fishing. Currently, rainbows are found in the majority of the rivers in the regions mentioned above. In the last 25 years or so, private sport fisheries and fish farming businesses have bloomed. In my province, Chaharmahal, we have a lot of rivers, and each river has quite a few fisheries. Opening up too many fisheries on the rivers without proper studies has caused other problems for the rivers, the environment and the native fish.

Fish on! I must admit - this is what I wish I were doing this weekend instead of working! A couple of weeks ago I went fly fishing in Crested Butte and actually caught a brown trout...a minor miracle! All catch and release around Crested Butte. A stellar fishing day!⠀ ⠀ #colorado #coloradogram #coloradolove #coloradoinstagram #coloradolife #coloradical #fishing #fishing #flyfishing #fishinglife #troutfishing #catchandrelease #trout #browntrout #CrestedButte