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Found this gem in my camera roll! 💁🏼‍♀️ I’ve been so caught up in dip pens, procreate and chalk markers that I forgot how much I love my @tombowusa brush pens ⭐️🖋 Note to self: make time for old-fashioned pen and paper lettering ☝🏻

White gel pen on kraft envelopes. Simple and elegant 👰🏾🌸🤵🏻

•REVIEW• I got a notebook and some other products from @leuchtturm1917 Here are my findings after using them! •Photo 1: Leuchtturm1917 Red Dots A5 notebook in Royal Blue, red pen loop, red pencil. •Photo 2: I really like how my instagram name was embossed onto the cover; it’s a great way to personalise your notebook. •Photo 3: The paper of the Red Dots notebooks have red edges. It adds a little something extra to the notebook. •Photo 4: The only two preprinted pages are index pages. I would’ve liked to see more of these, because for me two index pages isn’t enough in a notebook with 251 pages. •Photo 5: The notebook has preprinted page numbers (love!), opens flat, has ivory pages and 2 ribbon bookmarks that match the cover of the notebook and the dots. •Photo 6: The red dots are 0.5cm apart. The dots are small and not too visible, which I like. •Photo 7: There is a pocket in the back of the notebook, which I use for stickers, and the pen loop is easy to attach. •Photo 8: Pen test! I used as many pens and brush pens as possible for this test. The good news is: no feathering! The paper is very smooth and therefore great to write on. •Photo 9: The pens don’t bleed through the paper. The ecoline brush pens, the tombow dual brush pens and fudenosuke soft tip do. This could be a problem if you’re into using watercolour in your bullet journal. There’s ghosting with all of the pens I used, but if this bothers you is entirely up to you. •CONCLUSION: The bleeding and ghosting of the brush pens do bother me, but the ghosting of the fineliners (the pens I use most on a daily basis) doesn’t. The smooth paper is definitely a plus for me and I love all the red details. *I received this notebook for free, but this is my honest opinion. • #leuchtturm1917 #bulletjournalreview #leuchtturmreview #notebookreview #pentest #notebooktest #dotgridnotebook #showmeyourplanner #bujogram #bujoinspire #bujocommunity #bulletjournalcommunity #bujojunkies #planner #notebook #plannercommunity #plannergeek #bujolove #brushpen #brushpenlettering #bujobeauty #theinkybujo

Guess who’s on vacation?? 🌈And it would all be sunshine and rainbows if there wasn’t a hurricane headed this way 🌬 😬 Fortunately, that means I’ll have plenty of time indoors to work on more lettering projects 🖋

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