태국 여행선물로 받은 부엉이 사진찍을려고 하는데 자꾸 방해해서 같이 찍기😀 머리랑 몸통도 분리되는 실용적이고 이쁜 부엉이💕 . . #daily #태국여행 #선물 #부엉이 #소품 #instacat #catsofinsta #catstagram #猫

This is my new baby dex I’m not so sure if it’s a bear or a cat. I’m fostering him for a bit until he gets a bit better and gets adopted. The poor baby has had such a hard life and I hope you guys can send him some love 💕

This towel smells like my mum PHOEBE #cornishrex #cat

Hi my name is Smudge! I am an extremely beautiful girl! My calico and tiger markings mixed together make me very unique. Foster mommy says I am going to be a big girl! I am very mellow for the most part but I do have my moments where I love to play! Give me anything that makes a sound or has a bell attached to it. I am close to six weeks old and around 2 1/2 pounds. But I am growing fast! I sure do love those temptation treats! I steal them from my siblings all the time. I lost my mommy when I was around three weeks old. But my step kitty mommy Kahlúa has done a great job nursing me along with my siblings. Every day Kahlúa and my foster mommy are teaching me how to be social and curious like cats should be. I am going to grow up to be an amazing beauty and a great hunter! Email [email protected] #rescuecatsofflorida #adoptdontshop #fosterkittens #fostercats #cats #catsofinstagram #catsofinsta #rescuecats #catrescue #fureverhome #tampabay #tampa #largo #kittens #kittensofinstagram #kittensofinsta #florida #adoptme #kitten

Nothing like a salt lamp to cosy up to on a cold night. I wonder if humans have pepper lamps? . . . . . #missy #saltlamp #saltytongue #whiskerswednesday #cat #orangecat #glowcat #meow #catsofinsta #tonkinese

Clever boi! Wants to sit on my lap but knows that if he sit on the chair then I can't sit there and he can't sit on my lap 😁 He's not too happy with me though because yestersay I finished updating the website so now I'm back working on the game again, meaning that I have to use my drawing tablet and he can't hang over it when he sits on my lap anymore... While dog owners tell their dogs to sit, lie down, roll over, spin, jump, fetch, bark, dance on two legs, solve the mystery of how Stonehenge got into place and they happily do it, I tell my cat "could you please move your upper body a little bit to the left so I can use my tablet?" and he looks back at me as if I just offended him and his ancestors and now he's going to call PETA...