Latest series titled: “If you’re trying to make lunch, don’t forget about me” Feat. human female Starring Eyebrow “Barge arse” Max 🙄 #bargearse #feedme #itsbeen2hourssincemylastsnack #eyebrowmax

I smarl freetoes Mami.

My poor #babygirl Pandora #hurt her leg today and wouldn't put any pressure on it. I think it's a pinched nerve or muscle spasm. She's able to walk on it now. Keeping an eye on it. #petsofinstagram #doglover #love #mygirl #chimix #mixedbreed #pray

Minutes before looking like breaded chicken tenders 🏖🍗 oh oh this caption now makes me hungry 👅 | Minutof antef de verme como pollitof empanizadof 🏖🍗 oh oh efte pie de foto me hafe sentir hambrienta 👅 #ChiMix #Chihuahua #RescueIsTheNewBlack #AdoptDontShop #BeachDay #DogBeach #Florida

QUICK TIP about excited dogs and super easily aroused dogs. | Myles my Foster dog in training is so excitable that any invitation to get off PLACE or BREAK a command just takes a look. | For Myles I have to just put him on PLACE and give a quick GOOD with no inflections and walk away. I don’t look at him I don’t touch him because any of these nice gestures to say “Good Dog” make him excited. The excitement leads to making bad decisions. | If you have a very excitable dog like Myles you really have to watch yourself and how you are around them. Are you adding to the excitement or arousal? Are you yourself grounded and calm when dealing with the dog. Are you correcting the craziness or anxious behavior? | The thing about Myles is I know he just wants to jump in my lap and hang out and be loved. But that is really what brought him to this place. He needs to stay calm and learn a new way to be so he makes better decisions on his own and that just takes time. Also the remote collar is working amazing for him, so much better then correcting with the collar. | LEAD•LIVE•LOVE

Is that #chihuahuaburger for me? And #icecream for dessert? Put it all in my mouth! @flipsideburgersandbar #patiodining #outtodinner #spoilt #dogsthatdine