Day 1 at Angelstone was successful. Chief was a rockstar. A lot of firsts for him, including using the Liverpool jump as a water trough to stop for a drink. What a guy. Excited for day 2 tomorrow!

Just a quick clip of Chief and I from this weekend schooling over 1.15m oxer.

I have this ring. I never took it off until I knew of absolute surety that I am ENOUGH. 💓💯 . Do you think you're not good enough for a certain blessing? How's that been working out for you? 🤯 . The question of if you're enough is NEVER even part of the equation. The sheer fact that you exist guarantees you're beyond enough. 🙌😍

He’s pretty cool when he uses his brain. 😅 ❤️

Not when you lose weight Not when you finish school Not when you get that job Not when your hair is longer Lol Not when your ass is firmer Not when you upscale your ride Not when you get married Not when you make your first $$$ NOW. Just as you are. I say this in my Restorative Yoga classes, all the time. Breathe and hang out with your fine self. Move forward with confidence when you are ready. Breathe and be. You are enough. You are loved. And yes, by the way, this is good advice for me too. It's all a process to being the most loving, kind, and connected humans we can be. How is your journey going? And thanks to @laurencsaunders for this share. Check her out. Only good things.

Wie oft fühlst du dich energielos?! Greifst du zu #Kaffee oder #redbull ?! Ich bin und bleibe absoluter #coffeelover aber nicht zum Wach werden - sondern zum genießen! . Wie sieht’s bei dir aus?! . . #noredbullneeded #enoughpower #mehrenergie #mmextreme #mindmaster #karriereagentur21lifestyle #lrworld #iamlr #tattoo #brillenschlange #aachen #düsseldorf #Hamburg #Köln @lrworldofficial @redbull @hallyandson

"Sleeping Mode" - On the weekend, you have to remember how to turn into the sleeping mode, then do recharge collecting the energy for the next coming week days. - Don't forget to relax ~ Make sure have enough power to generate. - - How many of them could you find in this picture? - - - - - - - - #sleepingmode #australia #enoughpower #daydreaming #timeforrelax #relax #holidaymood #nature #hongkongercapture

•🚖• Little drone shot of mylelf trying to pedal 200kw #enoughpower #sr20