Managed to pull all the stickers on my SLPITTER off didn’t leave any marks surprisingly, I’ve also ordered a left headlight since I can’t really see at night. Dm me if you want to buy the “intake”

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12 kill win solo game from today.

My new ( to me ) 1993 Nissan GT-R V-Spec with only 17,839 KM, huge shoutout to @toprank.rp for getting me a great deal on this great example of an R32!!!! It has quite the extensive mod list as the previous owner, from what I’ve been told touged it through the mountains in Japan. For starters, HKS Upgraded Turbos, HKS HI-Power Exhaust, HKS FMIC, Built Motor ( supposedly, we still need to confirm that ), HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Coilovers, Cusco Sway Bars front and rear, Brembo Big Brake Kit front and rear, and a set of Enkei NT03.