Got to do some pony squishing today!!! Mr Hercules is learning that canter transitions are a lot better when we don't bolt into them...... #horsesofinstagram #horsetraining #equestriansofinstagram #equestrian #equine #ponies

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Well... they’re getting there 😅 I accidentally left the gate open to the big pasture and Ky decided it looked like a great place for an adventure! I was surprised at how calmly he just wandered around and also very happy that he let me walk up to him and take him back to the barn (where he got LOTS of cookies). He could have taken off and made it impossible to catch him, so that was a big relief! . He will get to go out in the big field eventually but first he needs to get used to being on grass and the field needs to be cut. One day he will get to go out with Ben and Oliver. . First on the list of things for him to learn will be getting used to dogs (he is terrified of them 😬) and preparing to have his feet handled and trimmed. Today I started teaching him to line his body up against the fence so I can work on touching and handling his feet through the fence!

My personal mustang Remi. This was the first time I ever backed her. She was 100% relaxed, stood will I stepped on the bucket and climbed aboard. We just hung out together at liberty with me on her back before I climbed off. She amazes me ever day with her trust and willingness. I would like to state that I have a very strong bound and I wouldn’t recommend anyone ride without a helmet unless your 100% sure of your horses reaction. #liberty

If #ToroughbredTori isn’t my dream horse, then I don’t know what is. ❤️ - 📸: @andzia1974

We did a bit a sloshing about the paddock this morning.. Peggy trucked on like a little champion with her sure footed-ness, which is very handy trait to hold when you've got little people on your back as well as novice drivers trying to learn a thing or two from you! . . As well as being Scarlett's saddle pony, Peggy is also in training to pull a cart. It is our dream to support every Primary school in our district (and beyond).. When we start growing our vegetables acreage style, Peggy will be ready to transport our harvests from the fields! . . . . #Lplates #learningtodrive #peggythewonderpony #horsetraining #welshcob #welshcobc #growandgive

long time no see!!! video clips: @ladyphotographic 😍 Rate 1 to 100 and tag a friend✔ Thank you so much 👌🏻👌🏻 Follow us:- @skiing.loverss Via : @horse.videoz #horsetraining #horsephotography #horseandcarriage #horseback #horsenation #instahorses #horsesarelife #horseshowfashion #horsefashion #horseshowing #horsesmakemehappy #horse_power #horsemask #horsepeople #horse_jump_show #horsescout #horsestables