Non è la prima volta che su #parliamone analizziamo gli omega3, ma oggi parliamo di un qualcosa di più pratico che risolve il tipico problema di questo tipo di grasso... Il sapore poco gradevole del l'olio di pesce 🐠.... Per fortuna esistono prodotti che permettono di risolvere questo problema e di integrate discrete quantità di omega3 💪🏻😎

Bei unserer Geschäftsführenden Jugendbildungsreferentin brodelt der Kopf also stets mit neuen Ideen. Das finden wir super! #djo #djo_lsa #halle #mz #mitteldeutschezeitung #integration #inklusion #refugeeswelcome #kinderundjugendarbeit #projekteprojekteprojekte

Numbers of refugees in Greece are increasing. But a lack of help from the state means it’s still small, grassroots groups providing many of the basics of life. Like food. Working with our partners (like the incredible @iha_help), last month we supplied 12,000 people across the country with food. We need your help to continue providing this vital service. Please #chooselove and donate via the link in our bio.

Running out of the mouth of the giant turtle we created! A testament to the importance of the nature of the sea, and to clean the ocean Ouzai, Beirut, an area with severe sea pollution. These children were such wonderful characters and everyday hearing their stories from syria was a powerful experience full of connections and collective making. Incredible collaboration with @artolution @borderlessngo @europeancommission #qudraprogramme @ouzville @gheasoro @kj3t @joelartista #giz #socialcohesion #integration #socialimpact #syrian #lebanese #refugees #maxfrieder #communitybasedpublicarts #sewing #artolution

A question to those who have changed the country of residence at least once: HOW STRONG ARE YOU STICKING TO THE CULTURE YOU COME FROM? Why I am asking this: as you might have known, I moved to Georgia in 2013 willingly, nobody forced me, it was neither economic, nor marital or war-caused migration. And I'm willingly integrating since then: learning 🇬🇪 language, getting accustomed to the local lifestyle, having my plans for life here. Once I am asked: 🔁when I'm coming back to Ukraine, or 🔀 whether I'm planning to move to Germany, or ▶️why I don't know certain Ukrainian politicians or singers that popped up during the last five years... 😝 I am either bluffed, or pissed (depends on who is asking). Because: why should you WILLINGLY move to a country and establish a little Ukraine/England/Honduras there? Please understand me correctly: of course I enjoy speaking or reading Ukrainian or Russian, and I do it. I cook some food that we used to cook in my family. I have a couple of amazing Ukrainian friends, but for fork sake, we are together because we like each other, and not because we are from the same country! What are your thoughts? Why does diaspora thingy happen, even if you are not a newlywed moving to your spouse's family, not a hired employee of a foreign company and not a person that escaped from a conflict zone? And what was your experience of integration?

Quando ti svegli con una voglia immensa di omlette per colazione😂😋☝e allora spentoliamo un pò anche in ferie😈😅

Shakti Warrior on the threshold of new beginnings. The dance between holding steady ground yet being open to flow. And breathing, breathing, breathing... . . Happy mid-week ☀️ xxx . . #steadiness #flow #pulsation #integration #keepbreathing . . #seeker #sadhaka #yogini #rasika #tantrika #yogamama #yogateacher #yogalife #rasayoga #rasayogatribe #rasayogalondon . . #sacredsadhana #sacredlife

For all my #architects friends Belgian #integration