With the ground finally drying out, Seize and I were able to hit the trail! We did a quick lap around the property and then went down the road to Muddy Creek. The cows who are always far away were resting near the fence line. Seize decided they were going to eat him and did his best fire breathing dragon impression. 🐲 I decides to dismount so we could work through his insecurity. After lots of reasurance, scratches, and some carrots he calmed right down. We hung out there for a few more minutes before moving on. When we made our way past them again, we stopped and Seize grazed peacefully next to the cows. I tried to coax them over for pets, but I wasn't able to convince any of them. Maybe next time? 😉 . #justahollywoodstar #apha #aphaproud #painthorse #pintohorse #aqha #quarterhorse #overo #equestrain #equine #horse #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #horsemanship #positivereinforcement #clickertraining #clickertraininghorses #horsemanship #horsetraining #bitless #bitlessbridle #dressage #showjumping #trailhorse #englishhorse #westernhorse

Today I was finally able to ride for the first time after the clinic from hell. Of course it had started to thunder as I tacked up, but Seize was quite as ever! He was a little hesitant and stiff with his turns, so I tried to keep them to a minimal. After all was said and done it was a very nice ride! 😊🌩 . #justahollywoodstar #apha #aphaproud #painthorse #pintohorse #aqha #quarterhorse #overo #equestrain #equine #horse #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #horsemanship #positivereinforcement #clickertraining #clickertraininghorses #horsemanship #horsetraining #bitless #bitlessbridle #dressage #showjumping #trailhorse #englishhorse #westernhorse

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the encouragement and kind words regarding my previous posts. You guys are seriously so wonderful! ❤💛💚💙💜 . It's also been brought to my attention that so many of us have been taken advantage of by trainers. Just because somebody may have more expereince, be a professional, or even be world rebound; DO NOT let people put you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. It probably will be intimidating, but It's so much better for us to walk away sometimes. The same goes for seeing this happening to fellow riders. Don't let your peers get bullied! 😤 . Oh, I did go out to the barn today and to do some groundwork. Seize was acting like his normal self which is a huge relief. Once this rain goes away we'll get back to riding. . #justahollywoodstar #apha #aphaproud #painthorse #pintohorse #aqha #quarterhorse #overo #equestrain #equine #horse #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #horsemanship #positivereinforcement #clickertraining #clickertraininghorses #horsemanship #horsetraining #bitless #bitlessbridle #dressage #showjumping #trailhorse #englishhorse #westernhorse

PART 3 ⚠️ . The longer we circled the more stressed Seize and I began to be. He tossed his head towards the ground, pulling the reins from my now sweaty hands. It happened a few times before Seize finally exploded. He snatched the reins away and lunged forward, bucking like a damn bronco. I held on as we cleared more than half of the arena before falling off. I hit the ground pretty hard, but when I looked up Seize was right there with me. My elbows were bloody, and I was sure I had bruises all over, but I was okay. I quickly got up to brush the sand off and realized that I literally ate dirt. Gross. . After everyone made sure I was okay, Christine started lecturing me about how I needed a stronger bridle because of Seize’s “character” and disrespectful attitude. Somehow, she got somebody to bring her a rope halter over for us. I was a bit dazed and still processing what was going on when I noticed she was removing MY bridle and putting on said rope halter. She told me that Clinton Anderson had the best rope halter and that last bit of me actually died. Everything made perfect sense now. I was paying her to teach me how to abuse my horse. . When I went back over to Seize, Christine was checking my girth and stirrups. I assumed she was going to hop on because that’s what every instructor has done if a student was having issues. I apparently was wrong as she quickly fired back, “The only way I’d ride your horse is if you sent him to me for training.” I took the reins back without saying a word and went to mount back up. One of the girls quickly ran over insisting that they hold Seize at the mounting block. My fucking saddle slipped, and I fell onto the mounting block landing right on my pelvis. My butt STILL hurts. . ❗ CONTINUED IN THE NEXT POST! ❗

PART 2 ⚠️ . I apologize in advance if I seem jumbled. I probably had a mental break down during the remainder of my lesson. . As I continued working with her, Seize began to toss his head. Yet again she screamed at him, catching me off guard. Christine then proceeded to tell me that he was “flipping me the bird” every time he tossed his head and that I should be concerned about that. Btw Seize isn’t a head tosser and never has been in the last 5+ years. . She then turns me loose to practice what we were doing on my own. The only catch is that instead of slightly bending his neck, she wants me to over flex the neck and hold onto the reins until he gave into the pressure. The catch is that Seize doesn’t give into force and all I was doing was confusing him to the point that he began pulling the reins from my hands. . After practicing that for a bit longer, Christine explained what the next step would be; At the trot she wanted me to apply inside rein and leg pressure. (Basically, a travers or haunches-in.) When we began Seize responded okay. Overall, he was not willing to bend very much and ended up tossing his head out of frustration. Christine didn’t like that, so we went back to circling. . At this point I was so numb to her words, as she kept criticizing my bitless bridle. I don’t remember everything that was said, but she kept insisting that I used something harsher. . ❗ CONTINUED IN THE NEXT POST! ❗

PART 1 ⚠️ . I rode in my first clinic on Monday with dressage trainer, Christine Betz. It turned out being more of a private lesson rather than a clinic, but that was okay. My friend ended up riding first and had a nice, informal, lesson. I ended up going after her, so I tacked up Seize and made my way to the ring to talk to Christine about our lesson. After I introduce myself and Seize, I told her about how we have been working on getting back into shape and wanted to focus on getting Seize to stretch more undersaddle. . While I was warming up and letting Seize check out the new environment, she began to ask me about my bitless bridle. She wanted to know why I was using it, so I gave her my typical response of “personal preference” hoping to move on from the subject and onto my lesson. Thankfully we did. As I continued to warm up, Christine was explaining to me how stretching was like a metal slinky. TL; DR, the horse should be supple to aids and respond to them accordingly without losing frame. . With that knowledge she began explaining to me how we were going to get Seize to turn on his haunches. She stood next to him holding the bridle as I added leg pressure. About 30 seconds in Christine screams at the tops of her lungs and hits Seize in the face for apparently biting her? He is a very touchy-feely horse but does NOT bite. I was in shock at this point… then it happened again, and I completely shut down. . ❗ CONTINUED IN THE NEXT POST ❗

Today is Seize's 11th birthday! 🎉 . Tomorrow we are going to a dressage clinic being held by Christine Betz. This will be the first clinic I've ridden in and I'm extremely excited! . Photograph is by @brittanyhendersonphotography . #justahollywoodstar #apha #aphaproud #painthorse #pintohorse #aqha #quarterhorse #overo #equestrain #equine #horse #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #horsemanship #positivereinforcement #clickertraining #clickertraininghorses #horsemanship #horsetraining #bitless #bitlessbridle #dressage #showjumping #trailhorse #englishhorse #westernhorse