Morning #Vibes🙏 With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its so easy to loose focus of what's really important "Being Whole" Take time for yourself everyday, even if it's only 5 min to meditate or take a walk... Get grounded, breathe in all of the universes energy, channel it and use it to bring beauty to someone's life. Your spirit will thank me later😘 #hautemessartistryandtraining

Won't He do it . . #BIGFACE

Calling all #KansasCity Makeup Artists. We are starting this page with the intention to highlight and feature KC’s best talent. There is no cost associated. All content is considered. Here are the rules: Step 1: Like this picture, follow our page, and tag 5 people in a comment on this post. Step 2: Click the link in Bio (m.me) <- This is a Facebook Messenger Link Send us a message with the following information Your Instagram Username (Format: @Username) Who is your role model? Which suburb of Kansas City you’re in (ie. Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Overland Park) If approved, you’ll be added to a Facebook Messenger Group with further instructions. This site is owned by Company: @BeFoundAnywhere | All Credit is documented, if provided. Use link in Bio to submit your name and talk with someone. -or- DM @NickWhartonKC This site is owned by Company: @BeFoundAnywhere | All Credit is documented, if provided. #KansasCityMUA #kansascitymakeupartist #kcmakeupartist #kcmua Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash


Isn’t it funny the things we pick apart about ourselves? I think it’s become worse as social media becomes more dominant in our society; the idea of perfection seems so attainable yet so far out of reach thanks to these little squares of staged glimpses into the lives of others. // Beauty standards for women (& men) continue to make the “average” person feel like they can’t have a flaw- and if we do- edit it away. Edit the pores, the fine lines, the sun damage, the dark circles... anything that could make someone second guess your beauty. But those are what make you human. And that’s what we all are- human. // At first glance I loved this photo of me. But the more I looked at it the more I picked myself apart over imperfections that, while blinding to me, aren’t even on someone else’s radar. & I know I’m not alone in doing that to myself. // I really truly mean it when I tell a client I love something about them- their eye color, their brows, their laugh, their... anything! I can come up with 5 compliments MINIMUM when first meeting someone. & they’re genuine. But when it comes to myself I lack that power. But I’m constantly working on that. // I think each client I shine a little light on helps me see the beauty in myself too. So thank you for that to each and every one that allows me to do so 💕

Have you heard of Makscara Beauty??🖌 You may haven't..... Google says there are 6 MILLION people in the state of Missouri! I am ONE artist out of 117 in the state! 😮😮😍 how many are in your state? I need Help showing other women how to feel beautiful about themselves and spread this Amazing, Easy to use, Affordable product! Do you love makeup? Would you be interested in learning more information about the artist program? There is a live Facebook event happening tonight at 7pm. MESSAGE ME SO I CAN ADD YOU! I am loving this new makeup routine and the positivity in my life! It's great for ALL ages! #workwithme #NikkiBunch #variety #kansascity #kansascitymakeupartist #makeup #makeupartist

How beautiful are my clients?! 😘 •we did a natural look for her engagement pics 🌻 ___________________________________ #makeup #makeupartist #kcmua #kansascitymakeupartist #kc #kansascity #makeupslay #slay #naturalmakeup #withlovesalon #prohairnmua

Summer is all about Brows, Lashes and Fresh Skin.✔️✔️✔️ Maximize your natural beauty by booking your one on one makeup or brow lesson with @hautemessartistryandtraining today. (913) 337-6301😘

There are lots of bridges around here and most of them go over the Arkansas River. I think they will be one of my target 🎯locations for sunsets! Do you think it’s a good idea for such a flat landscape? Owner:@sng_photos --- For feature👉 follow us + tag: @kansas_lovers --- #kansasjayhawks #kansascitychiefs #kansasspeedway #kansascityartist #kansasweather #kansascityweddings #kansasgirl #kansascityphotographer #kansascitywedding #kansascitymakeupartist #kansascity #kansassunset #kansasbound #kansascityzoo #igkansascity #kansascitymissouri #kansascitytattoo #kansasphotographer #kansasmag #kansasstate

Happy Hump Day! Celebrate by treating yourself today💅🏽💋. Accepting walk-ins for brow and lash services. Make sure to stop!