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How do you think you are ugly...? You are not at all. Beauty can be found in your heart. Love is all around you ❤️ #陳彥名 #aricchen #chenyanming #yamiichen #anthonylin79 #actor #model #深藍與月光 #深藍與月光SP #darkblueandmoonlight #BL #Taiwan #series #loveable

Dear you, Thank god there's not two Of you. In the nicest possible way I say. Because there can only be one of you Today. Just one, and a special one you are. Not far you are, indeed I see The little boy so innocent as he climbs on the trees, picking flowers to brighten the day. Days that may seem, so dark for some You brighten the path for them to run. Put a smile on everyone's face When they have the privilege to be in your grace. Put laughter in their bellies as they cry from the pain. A wold awaits, the journeys you'll have The memories kept, and stories told For generations to come when you grow old. And undoubtedly you will age, but know this for it is true. Your soul is timeless, it's ageless. And that is one of the best parts of you, Yes you.

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Young and dumb Call me what you will. The labels you have are your perception of me. I could explain undoubtedly who I am. But I know who I am and where I stand. Can you say the same? Or will you let your fear run you into the ground, as your feet stay cemented deep into the gravel. Let go of your perceptions and bitterness of the world. Live freely and openly. Stand your ground. Form your own ideas and your own ideology. Question everything. Don't be a sheep.