Have you ever driven down “those old country lanes” while blasting Castle on the Hill, en route to the *actual* castle on the hill?? Highly recommend. I’m basically Ed Sheeran now 💁🏼‍♀️🌿 . . . We were driving in Suffolk, and I noticed a sign for Framlingham and realized it was only 20 mins away, so we figured, why not check it out?? Framingham is where Ed Sheeran grew up, and the song Castle on the Hill is about his return there. As you can see from this photo (and probably gathered from the song), there is a castle in his town - a castle that is older than the entire United States of America. I don’t know how Ed Sheeran felt about this castle, but I would venture to say he probably had similar feelings to those expressed by a local friend to me: “I think I went on a field trip there once in like third grade.” . . . Castles: just a regular day in the life of the English. I still think they’re cool though.

Approaching Kirkintilloch

The iconic picture of Bristol but still a great one 👌🏻 thanks @followmylifee for this capture #livebristol

Another one from the archives, twilight shot from a couple of weeks ago.

The Eden Project in Cornwall. Near the top right you can just make out the Skywire - England’s longest and fastest zip wire ride. Somehow I found the superhuman strength to fight temptation and stay on terra firma 😉