We’re running out of patience waiting for the hunts to start 🤦‍♂️ @trophybuck_fishfreak16 with his LE Utah Muley he got a couple years ago!

Posting this picture is huge for me. I know I post progress pictures all the time, but not with my shirt off. I’ve always been self conscious about how I look. But I’m finally getting to where I am happy with the way I look. Just need to keep dropping body fat and maybe one day those abs will pop out 😂

I’ve posted this fish I caught last year before but man he deserves some more love! Definitely my all time favorite fish I have caught!

Get your summer on! Have a safe and fun weekend in the great outdoors. #marco #marcoapparel #lakelife #boating

Here’s a #tbt for you guys! @trophybuck_fishfreak16 and I were able to help a buddy on his Utah LE elk tag a few years back. Had this bull glassed up in a canyon a couple days before the opener. Opening morning didn’t last more then 30 minutes and he was on the ground! Love going through old pictures and memories.

I felt as dead as this buck is when I stumbled across this nifty looking dead head 💀 P.S. @435bowhunter is starting a go fund me to help finance another pair of roughneck boots for me, because the pair I’m wearing has obviously seen better days 💁🏼 thanks pal 😜 #HowBoutThemBases #BasesLoaded #Marco #MarcoApparel #SickForIt #LiveWild

Had a blast disconnecting for a while and spending time with my family. Time to put the pole away and keep prepping for early season muleys! #marcoapparel #bonedoutproductions #trout #rippinlips

Always bettering myself at every every aspect in life 💪almost that time guys and gals!

Shoot till the sun goes down! The season is FAST approaching. Who is out letting them fly??

Wishing it was the weekend already so my buddy and I can be back up in the mountains 🏕🌲

Marco baby! He said these hats are great - jump on and get yours!

Some days are hard to stay strong but when you surround yourself with amazing, supporting people it makes it so much easier! Just want to say thanks! All you guys help keep me motivated to do better everyday! All the messages and support I get from y’all is a reason for me to keep driving towards my goals. You guys are all awesome!

Throwback to @highcountrybro_22 first buck. It's moments like these with friends and family that we live for. Nature brings out the best in us - that's our belief anyway!

Hoss and I went on a overnight backpacking trip to set some trail cameras this weekend. We spent a lot of time in camp taking pictures and spending some much needed time together. Got all the trail cams set and excited to see what’s in the area!

I was going through some of my old pictures and came across this! Caught this big while I was living up at flaming gorge. #bigfishfriday

Who has been out scouting for that wallhanger? Hunts will be kicking off in August! Good luck!

I shot this buck back in 2012. It had just snowed the night before. The fog was so bad you couldn’t see more then 80 yards in front of you. First thing in the morning we spotted this buck and I shot him at 80 yards. Heavy chocolate antlers with gnarly bases are my favorite! #tbt

A stud buck our buddy killed a few years back on public land in Utah! #TBT