Deer lady ! Thanks @alienboiiiiiih it was a pleasure! ☺️☺️ Love doing this works, I will draw more of this designs sooon 🙅🏻‍♀️🤫

Amazing tattoo that I saw in #oportotattoo this year 2018! This guy endured 24hours total to this piece!

Healed and new. Next week: Paris 25-29 Berlin 29-1

👁 thanks @theblue.page ❤️

Camellia flower 🍃🌺 thanks @juduartecamargo ☺️

🌿 I love doing these bodies 😍 thanks @juuqi

I’ll be in Paris this week and Berlin next week, dm or e-mail me if you want to get a tattoo.

🧠💀🌑 Thanks Catarina it was a pleasure ☺️

Next stop: Paris 25-28 May Berlin 29-1 May June

Floral Statue 🌿 Thanks @faustisteric it was a pleasure ☺️☺️

AVAILABLE ! ! Wanna doooo pleaasee 😍💐

Starry Night. Vicent Van Gogh. ☺️ It was a pleasure to finally meet your mother and tattoo her. 💉 Thanks @beatrizcavaleiro for trusting 🙏🏼 . Were my last three tattoos on my sweet Tongue Studio, now I will be tattooing downtown on Formosa street. For information dm me 😍