I will hold you and protect you, comfort you and give you affection through all of your 9 lives! #siamesecatadonis

Sit still and pose pretty for #instagram Cyrus! #siamesecatadonis

Roro is a 1 year old mixed breed! He really loves literally 😂 @roro_wetnose #siamesecatadonis

Cyrus lounges here for hours, well of course until Nova scampers by his location and he decides to pounce from his perch! #siamesecatadonis

When Cyrus was just a kitten at several ounces, Nova protected him, Now that Cyrus is 8 pounds and Nova is 7 pounds, Cyrus does all the protecting! #siamesecatadonis

Solovino the cat was brought him indoors after being homeless since birth! In their down time Ralph the dog and Solovino the cat enjoy napping together and fighting over the left over chicken! There’s no mistake about the fact that Solovino gets love in this home! @maciaspets #feature #catvideo #shoutout

What is Love..?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the cat mamas from NOVA! #happymothersday #siamesecatadonis

Oreo is an American wirehair cat. His favorite past time is jumping around for good reason, he‘s an excellent jumper, in fact, he jumps really high. @catsbythedoor #feature #shoutout #siamesecatadonis

When the love for your humans is so great.. you defy what the law of nature wrote for your species! #siamesecatadonis

You are not born with beauty, your beauty is created by who you are. Your inner beauty is more important than how people see you on the outside. Outer beauty pleases the EYE. Inner beauty captivates the HEART. #siamesecatadonis

⚠️WARNING⚠️ Taking peoples advice too literally may tire you out! #siamesecatadonis

Novas full of love!! #siamesecatadonis

When Nova wants love... she demands it! #@siamesecatadonis

I guess Nova figured out how to take snap chat filters when mommy wasn’t looking! #snapcat #snapchats #filter

🔴WATCH FULL VIDEO🔴 Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a frustrating disease affecting cats.  FIP usually affects very young kittens less than six months of age and older senior cats.  Despite many studies, the exact nuance of how this disease develops is still somewhat of a mystery.  FIP is caused by a virus called a coronavirus.  Coronavirus is spread in feces and cats in multi-cat households or catteries are more commonly infected.  Many cats are exposed to the virus, but most do not become ill.  #fip #awareness

When Cyrus is asked if he wants to be an outdoor cat lol! “It’s a crazy world out there” #nonononono #siamesecatadonis

Jake is a seal point Siamese, he’s 4 months old of pure joy! He’s a very clever little boy, full of joy and makes his family laugh every day! He loves playing fetch and teasing his big brother Luke the tabby and sharing a cream cake 🍰 with his Nana when she comes around to visit him! @justjakethecake #siamesecatadonis #feature #shoutout