As #socialworkers and #nurses, you are the witness of triumph and courage. __________ #USCSocialWork #socialwork #courage #nursing

Schools over Prisons

“As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness” ❤️ - Dieter F. Uchtdorf Every now and then, we meet younger versions of ourselves. We see the mistakes they are making today and wish we could set them straight. For social workers as myself, our lives are intertwined with those we are serving. We discover more and more about themselves every day as we learn to help those around us. So this is me, this is my job, this is my calling in this world.. and today it took me very little convincing to leave the comfort of my office to take two of my clients to receive some loving from a few sheltered puppers. After all, we all need a little love💞🙏🏼 #socialwork #savinglives #askmewhatido #healthylifestyle #debgetsfitproject #allyouneedislove #loveisallyouneed #joinmeorwatchme

It may not look like a lot, but I’m beyond thrilled that my job gives me the flexibility to participate in different programs. Tomorrow, I’m going to start doing an art group with individuals who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury. Up on the palette? Collaging with colors!

🌟Choose to see anxiety. & Leave. It. There. For what it is. This is our challenge.🌟 . . . I can be so negative sometimes, really! I know my insta feed (and my persona if you know me as a yogi, teacher, friend, or classmate!) can scream positivity and perservence but let me tell you when things get hard it’s not easy to turn down the volume of negative voices in my head. It ain’t easy to not notice when I’m anxious and get MORE anxious. Negativity is addicting. It triggers anxiety. . . . It’s a peculiarity of being human; we are the only animals on the planet capable of being aware when we’re negative, being aware that we’re anxious. Our non-human friends just do the fear, or anxiety, and it stops there. So, the one gentle and small thing we can do, which is also a big and fundamental thing to do, is to work on stopping the awareness of yourself being negative about being negative, or yourself being anxious about being anxious. It’s a layer that simply doesn’t serve. . . . Take. It. Off. Don’t beat yourself up because of it. Maybe things just are crappy right now. Maybe hormones are spinning or shit is flying around; because we’re human we have to watch ourselves go through the negativity, the anxiety. It’s nail-biting, of course!! Don’t let it get catastrophic. Acknowledge it, do something about it. Or don’t! Just do the anxiety. Then leave it there. This is the BIG challenge. But a good one to overcome! 🌟

Absolutely beautiful 💛💛💛

Calm Down Sensory Bottles ✨ (swipe for me playing with the one I made while stuck in traffic 🙈) -Fill the bottle halfway with warm water 💦 -Add food coloring 🎨 -Add lots of glitter glue and shake until the glue combines with the water 💓 -Add sequins, loose glitter, a label, stickers... whatever else you can think of! Optional: I used hot glue around the opening and then twisted the lid shut. You can also add 1 tablespoon of soap to get the bubbly affect. We used VOSS artisan water bottles and the labels don’t even leave residue 👌🏼

Parte 2 Fiesta Comedor infantil 💃🕺🎉🎀🎂🎁 El ayudar sin esperar nada es un don, un valor y una virtud. Recibes muchísimo más con una sonrisa, un abrazo sincero y muchos ojitos brillando. Felicidades Laura por ser como eres con ese corazón enorme. #LaRodadora #SocialWork #Altruismo #CiudadJuarez

I’ve never felt more at home ❤️ #WashU #WUSTL #gradschool #socialwork #vsco #vscocam

thoroughly dedicated to taking ugly photos to emphasize how ugly my life is right now 🔑

Parte 1 Fiesta comedor infantil🕺💃🎉🎁🎀 Fue una experiencia muy linda. Laura fue la organizadora de todo el evento quien decidió despejarse su cumpleaños haciendo una fiesta para un comedor infantil. Niños de todas las edades convivieron en @larodadora entre risas y diversión. Entre varios voluntarios ayudamos a que la fiesta se llevará a cabo. #LaRodadora #PartyKids #SocialWork #CiudadJuarez