Six cats and kittens off to @fix_our_ferals to become #balllessandflawless this morning. Wondering if I might have beat @catmanofwestoakland for the number of kitties in one drop-off. #gauntletthrown #nomorebabies #stopoverpopulation #toomanycats #snipsnip #byebyeballs #helpingthecommunity #communitycats #trapqueen

SNOWBALL. Has been at my house for a week now and I’m becoming weak! I ❤️ her and she ❤️ me. No, I didn’t steal her away from the cafe she got an eye infection and is here recovering. I already told the rescue group to blacklist me from getting any more 😹. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! I am no longer able to resist and have succumb to her ways. 😭😭😭 #shewouldbeafosterfailifiwasallowed #snowball #want #toomanycats

There’s no way this can end well #toomanycats #onewindow 🐈🐈🐈

A wonderful tub full of kitties. But why? Three of our lovely cats are rescues, one is a temporary foster we've taken in. All our cats have stories, some more sad than others. Moriarty is a F2-3 Savannah/Siamese. He looks much more siamese than savannah and was sold at a much cheaper price than the rest of his litter. His human mom loved him dearly but he seemed to be a little destructive. He loved to claw couches and hop into the shower with his mom. After several month the woman's husband insisted she get rid of her dream cat because his leather couch was getting ruined. They dropped him off at the local shelter and there he sat for almost a full year. When I was on post several of my friends volunteered at the local shelter. They posted pics of him on facebook and snap chat and couldn't stop talking about how beautiful he was. My husband and I had to have him. The shelter staff was ecstatic when we came to pick him up and handed us a letter his surrendering family had written. It was bittersweet but told us a lot about him. He is now 3 and a half and already a grumpy old man.

The nightly scene when I walk out of the shower....a line of cats waiting for treats. They all treat time significantly decreased since Dill gained weight but that doesn’t stop the hope that I’ll make it rain treats. #catcatcat #makeitrain #adoptdontshop #rescuecat #philadelphia #catstagram #bedtime #treattime #toomanycats #catoftheday

This was Walter on Monday with his entourage of cats and his beloved bone. #bassetthound #toomanycats

TFW you beat kitty epilepsy and they discharge you and you’re so fierce that all the vet employees know your name and wish you a fond farewell. #LILKEV #WHOSEPILEPTICNOW #HALP #TOOMANYCATS #NEVERTOOMANYCATS #WAITYESTOOMANYCATS #CUSTODIANSOFTHEEARF