Not sure I want to share. Leo had something else in mind😉( he finally stuck up for himself 🙄)

Bandit, Pug Mix (6 m/o), Grape St. Dog Park ▪ "He's a ball thief. He grew into his name."

That scared feeling when Monday is approaching 😰

________________________________________________ Happy Father's Day to my father and all the fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, fur fathers and the fathers who have passed (are missed). To my biological one who gave me his good looks and to my human one who gave me everything else! • #HappyFathersDay #Kiss #Kisses #DaddysGirl #MissYouShay #ShayAndSister #ILoveMyDog #HumorForever #Shihtzu #Puppy #Model • • •

I know this guy as "Luke", but he's my Dad! I love him so much (can you tell? my ears are down!)....Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!! 👨🐶 #fathersday #thatsmydad #happyboys #lovehim

What is this crazy thing 🤪?

Nosotros acá, intentando ser juiciosos, pero eso de estar en ese cochecito es como aburridor 🤭

Friday was my second birthday! Celebrated with plenty of treats and a spa day! 🎂🎉